Who we are?

It is a company created by  Yohanna Ospina, executive leader from the technology sector, with extensive experience in different industries in digital transformation, innovation, consulting, technological implementation, infrastructure, and operation, with the purpose of contributing to the growth and evolution of the companies supported in technological advances. Our company is filled with tech-loving, passionate people who simply want to make IT better. From the top-down, we are all dedicated to guiding our partners and the industry further.
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Our mission

Generate innovative solutions that allow us to transform the world as we know it, supported by the use of technology and user-centered design, and bring Certified Professional Services People.

Our values

Our professional values that define the quality of our work and promote technological invocation.


Crafting excellence in IT solutions, driving innovation for your digital success.

Focus on Innovation

Fueling innovation for tailored IT solutions, centered around your success.


Committed to delivering unparalleled IT solutions for your business growth.


Our responsibility connects us with our clients fulfilling their expectations.


Transparency in our processes support our results.

Passion and Delivery

We are passionate about our work by delivering quality solutions.


We are highly experienced in IT solutions that generate business growth.

Certifications that support our work

At Ospina Talent Consulting, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and expertise in the realm of IT services and solutions. Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals who hold a diverse array of industry-leading certifications. These certifications, obtained through rigorous training and examination, showcase our team's dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and industry best practices.
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Our process. Simple, seamless, streamlined.

Step 1
Join exploration call.
I spoke with one of our specialists in a scouting call where we can identify the technological needs that your business needs.
Step 2
Discuss solution and team structure.
Our team of trained and experienced professionals turn you step by step on the road to the outside for your business.
Step 3
Get started and track performance.
After identifying the objectives and solutions for your business, our professional team will implement technological solutions that will take your business to the next level.
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What our clients say!

We strive to exceed our client's expectations and to be considered a key partner in the achievement of their goals and identifying the right pathway to reach them.
Since my arrival at Ospina Talent Consulting, I feel that I am in a constant challenge, surrounded by people full of talent and love for what they do. All this makes me feel inspired to carry out my work and always be in search of impacting lives in the best possible way.
Jhon Smith

Solutions Architect
I celebrate and congratulate Ospina Talent Consulting, because it is an organization that is always promoting growth and development both on a personal and professional level, because it challenges me every day to be a better person and a better professional, it allows me to have the freedom and autonomy to perform and They have great TRUST in me.
Laura Stevens

People development Analyst
What I like most about working at Ospina Talent Consulting is experiencing its close and familiar culture. And it is that despite its accelerated growth, challenges of remote attendance and internationalization processes; every day they promote and work to maintain their people-centered culture.
Charlie Jones

Sales Manager
I like Ospina Talent Consulting because it is an organization that is always promoting growth and development both personally and professionally, because it challenges me every day to be a better person and a better professional, it allows me to have the freedom and autonomy to perform and they have a great TRUST in me.
Katherine M.

Development Software Consultant
I recommend the specialists at Ospina Talent Consulting, because for our LATAM company, they have been a strong and important team for all the success stories we have had. We hope in the future to continue achieving many projects with the collaborative environment and the attitude when it comes to meeting the challenges of the consultants who engage with our professionals in each task they carry out and who make this a great company every day.
Andrew Koenig

Latam USA Manager